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Casing Pipes

MAXTECH PLAST offers a wide range of casing pipes for use in the borewell sector. Our pipes are lightweight and resistant to corrosion from aggressive elements in the soil.MAXTECH PLAST ensures unmatched cost-benefit ratio, while offering industry-level longevity.Quick and convenient installation process, coupled with high-quality threaded joints, make these pipes ideal for the borewell sector.

  • Corrosion and chemical resistant
  • Easy to install and transport from one place to another
  • Excellent stiffness
  • Hydrostatic collapse pressure can be easily maintained through these pipes
  • Non-toxic in nature and so does not impart any taste
  • odour and colour
  • Non-conductive to electricity and can eliminate any electro chemical action
  • Long lasting
  • Cost effective

Column Pipes

MAXTECH PLAST’s column pipes are manufactured with the latest technology, making them immune to galvanic and electrolytic erosion. In spite of their superior build quality and rich features, they serve as the most economical option in the borewell sector.

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Light weight
  • Convenience and easy installation
  • Non-toxic and non-conductive nature
  • Durability and high tensile strength
  • Cost-effectiveness

Ribbed Stainer Pipes

Ribbed strainer pipes are stronger than ordinary casing pipes, making them ideal for high hydrostatic collapse pressure.
Our pipes are lightweight and easy to install, cutting down on transportation costs, while increasing convenience.

  • Stronger than ordinary casing pipes
  • Filters even minute particles
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Non-toxic in nature and so does not impart any taste
  • odour and color
  • Can effectively bear hydrostatic collapse pressure
  • Ease of installation and transport.