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Irrigation & Agriculture

With an exhaustive and an attractive range of PVC Pressure Piping Systems, our agricultural pipes are the perfect fit for agricultural purposes. The go-to-buy product for all agricultural requirements, we boast of having an excellent track record.


Agriculture Pipes & Fittings

  • Designed in the most hygienic manner and does not cause any contamination
  • Corrosion and chemical resistant
  • Smooth bore
  • Requires least maintenance
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Economical

MAXTECH PLAST agricultural pipes are perfect for farmers who need to supply water to their farming fields. These pipes are very easy to instal, come with detachable joints and have incredible shelf-life. Pipes of less than 110mm diameters can be joined by hand, while those of larger diameters can be easily installed with a pipe jack.

The pipes come in both ring- and push-fit patterns. They are 100% leak-proof and the seal is resistant to even extreme temperature variations.

Our agriculture pipes are hygienically designed and are contamination-proof, making them ideal for farming. The pipes’ immunity to galvanic or electrolytic erosion and resistance to acids, oxidizing agents, alkalise, oils and domestic effluents make them fit for high-purity water application. Because of their low opacity and tight elastomeric sealing joints, chances of algae formation also become very negligible.

The pipes may be used with full pressure immediately after joining, and there is no need to wait for the joints to dry up.

Fittings for agriculture pipes

The fittings are extremely dependable and long-lasting. Having an excellent track record, they are highly sought-after by farmers. These fittings are manufactured as per IS: 7834.



Agricultural pipes are used for supplying water to farming fields from rivers and ponds. Our pipes are easy to install. They come with detachable joints for increased shelf-life. They are leak-proof and can withstand extreme temperature variations.

PVC pressure pipes are the best for irrigation system. Our pipes are ideal for those farmers who need to supply water to their fields. They are easy to install as they come with detachable joints. They are highly durable.

For the irrigation system it is important to choose the appropriate size of the pipe for proper flow rate. The choice of the size depends on application and pressure capacities. Our agricultural pipes are available in various sizes.